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Report #003
Hello all investors of BitAeon – the number one online investment platform! Once again, we would like to express our gratitude and thank you for choosing us. After enjoying the holiday we are back at work to provide you with the best investment experience. A lot has happened since the last report and we have prepared you a short summary.

First of all we have surpassed 80+ days online since our platform was opened to public investors. In these days you have exceeded all our expectations and keep on surprising us with your continuous support. We have reached +210% in generated profits and are growing stronger with each day.

On 24th December we took our first steps towards launching our own Cryptocoin BitAeon. For a limited time, the amount of 3% from your daily profit payments will be added to your BitAeon Coin balance. These coins will be used in the closed testing and you will be able to send, exchange and spend these coins when we launch our Cryptocoin. You can see how many BitAeon Coins you have received in your Dashboard.

Once more we urge our clients to make sure their accounts are safe and secure. We have observed and prevented multiple attempts where malicious persons are trying to access the accounts of our members. Unfortunately, not always we can detect these breaches as some of the attackers have Phished (or stolen) all the access data and managed to transfer funds without raising any security checks. To secure your account enable 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) and change your passwords regularly.

When accessing our site double check the domain name to make sure it is correct:

When using Telegram make sure you communicate only with official accounts:
Telegram support profile is @BitAeon
And our official international group chats: We have done everything to ensure the safety of your data but you need to keep them safe too.

Every day BitAeon keeps reaching new audiences all over the globe. Recently our platform was reviewed by EmilyNews Blog. You can read the post here:

If you have written a review about our platform be sure to inform us and we might include your post in the next report.

Thank you all and see you on the next one.
The BitAeon Team
Preparation starts now
We are working hard to make sure our Cryptocoin exceeds all your expectations and becomes the number one choice for investors all around the world. This takes time but our developers are getting closer and closer to the first testing stages.

In order to prepare for the closed testing, we are giving our members FREE BitAeon Coins! For a limited time, the amount of 3% from your daily profit payments will be added to your BitAeon Coin balance.

For example:
Your active deposit is 1.0 BTC - your daily profit payment on a business day will be 3% = 0.03 BTC. From this amount 3% will be added to your BitAeon Coin balance (0.03 * 3% = 0.0009). On weekends, when the profit payment is 1.5% = 0.015 BTC, you will receive (0.015 * 3% = 0.00045) BitAeon Coins.

You can see how many BitAeon Coins you have received in your Dashboard. These coins will be used in the closed testing and you will be able to send, exchange and spend these coins when we launch our Cryptocoin.

During the last year, we have achieved many of our goals and there are a lot more to come in the future. You can view and follow our official Roadmap here:
The BitAeon Team
Happy holidays
The BitAeon team wishes you all a Joyous Holiday season and a happy New Year! We have had an amazing project launch thanks to our members and I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who entrust us with the growth of their capital, and to the staff who dedicate themselves to provide the best services in the investment industry.

Enjoy this time of family and giving while we keep doing what we do best and bring you reliable daily income. See you in 2019!
The BitAeon Team
Report #002
BitAeon has achieved our first significant milestone and have passed 50 days online since our public opening. During these days we have worked relentlessly to keep everything moving and deliver you instant payments 24/7. Please join us in our celebration and raise a glass for the next 50 yet to come.

Since the last report, we have been lucky and have not had any major technical difficulties and everything is working as a clockwork. The only incident we have had was on December 11th at around 10 PM when some withdrawals where slightly delayed. The issue was fixed within a few minutes and all payments since then have been processed instantly as always.

To make our platform more accessible worldwide, we have added additional languages (Hindi, Indonesian and Chinese). In addition to that, we have created multiple telegram groups where you can connect with other BitAeon investors in your local language.

Join our Official international group chats:
As before, we urge our clients to ensure their accounts are safe and secure. Make sure your password is secure and do not disclose your login details with anyone. If possible, enable 2FA. Our security systems are actively monitoring all member activities and looking for any malicious attempts to compromise accounts. No matter how secure the system is, if you use login data that someone else knows there is not much we can do to stop them.

Thank you all for joining us and see you on the next report!
The BitAeon Team
Report #001
Our first month, since going public, is behind us and below are some key moments that we would like to reflect on.

We have been working hard to add new features to our project and as you may have noticed the BitAeon investment platform has 4 new languages available (Vietnamese, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese and French). Even more languages are in the process of being added soon. If you manage to find any mistakes or incorrect spellings, please do inform us as we have to rely on 3rd party services to translate our platform and can not be 100% responsible for the provided results.

Per popular request, we have added public chat groups for Telegram users. This is a place where you can communicate with fellow investors and receive quick help. The member count is growing with each day, so be sure to join and share your experience with others.

On November 5th our payment provider had technical issues and went into an unscheduled maintenance. This caused some of the withdraw payments to be postponed and were processed with a slight delay. We are still experiencing unusual behavior for incoming payments and had to make changes to the way they are processed. When you send a payment to complete your deposit it can take up to a minute for the payment to be processed and shown in your dashboard. Do not worry if it does not show up instantly. If your payment is not activated after more then an hour be sure to contact support.

On November 19th the BitCoin network had a sudden increase in transaction count that lead to some transactions being unconfirmed for up to 10 hours. There is nothing we can do to influence the speed of miners and all we can do is wait for the network to normalize. If your transaction is submitted in the network it will (100%) be confirmed and processed sooner or later, do not worry.

During the last month we received multiple reports concerning our Confirmation statement status on Companies House website. Due to some sort of a technical issue on their end it showed that our Confirmation statement was not submitted, despite the fact that we sent all the required paperwork well before the due date of August 2nd 2018. After trying to contact them for weeks we finally got an answer and they have managed to correct the mistake.

Blackmail and extortion is nothing new in the online industry. At some point every business has to deal with some form of threats ranging from blackmail to create negative reviews and deceitful comments to DDOS attacks and hacking attempts.
This month there were a few individuals who just kept on threatening and spamming us to a point where we could not ignore them any more and had to take action. We strictly refuse to pay these con artists and some of them are spreading false rumors about our project status. We strongly advise you to always check the credibility of every comment you read and do not fall for these false remarks.

While we are on the subject of malicious activities, I would like to remind our investors to think about your account security. No matter how secure and encrypted our platform is, if your password is weak, there is a serious risk that someone else can gain access to your account. Be sure to change your passwords regularly and enable 2FA. This way your account will be safe and secure!

Our staff was interviewed by a well known blogger Paul Abramson from MNO. You can learn more about us and read the interview on his blog:

The BitAeon team is working hard to maintain our investment platform and deliver you INSTANT profit payments 24/7. This month had some challenges but we managed to deal with everything that came our way. Thank you all for joining us and see you on the next report!

End of report.
The BitAeon Team
Russian translation added
To make sure everyone can use and benefit from our platform we have been working hard to integrate a multi-lingual translation system. Today we are happy to announce that the Russian language for our investment platform has been successfully added.
If you manage to find any mistakes or incorrect spellings, please do inform us as we have to rely on 3rd party services to translate our platform and can not be 100% responsible for the provided results.
Translations for other languages are currently being tested and will be added in the upcoming days.
The BitAeon Team
The Grand Opening!
The day is finally here! All the prep work is done and our long awaited journey can finally begin its course.
Welcome to!
BitAeon is a next generation investment platform that combines all of the most popular earning options together in one place. In addition to the classic Forex trading and currency exchange we are utilizing the powers offered by Blockchain and Crowdfunding. We have worked hard to develop a platform that is easy and intuitive to use but retain the vital information for you to operate with. You can learn more about us and our work on the About Us page.
We promise to always do everything humanly possible to ensure our provided services match the best possible quality standards. Our team has been preparing very hard to make sure BitAeon becomes the one and only financial investment service for you.
Join us now and Earn forever!
The BitAeon Team
Migrating to
Our service provider has successfully resolved the issues involving the missing renewal of our domain and today we have completed the migration to the official domain-name:
From this point on the platform will no longer be accessible from the test domains and all the testing accounts have been permanently disabled. You are free to create your own personal accounts as there will not be any more database resets and all future information will be persistent.
Thank you once again and see you soon!
The BitAeon Team
End of closed testing phase
first of all I would like to thank you for your work. During the testing phase we managed to achieve all our tasks and stress-test the platform. In addition we have fixed numerous glitches (mostly graphic design related) that you helped to pinpoint and report.
Thank you again for your hard work and suggestions. The platform will still be available in test mode until the end of the week. If you encounter any more issues, make sure they are reported.
Now we are ready to move on to the next stage and have come one step closer to our public launch.
The BitAeon Team
Beginning of the closed testing
Hello to all testers,
today we are starting our internal platform testing. As you all know this is a closed test and most features are only available to members with granted access. Do not try to invite members from outside the test-group as they will not be able to access the page. If you encounter any bugs, please submit them by filling out the report form (BA_R1) that was emailed to you earlier this week.
For suggestions or questions you can contact us via the built in contact form or E-Mail:
Good luck and thank you for participating!
The BitAeon Team